Sisters Electric Love is episode of Powerpuff Girls.


Natalie Keane's petty argument with her sister, Sandra Keane, causes an electric wave monster to be created.


  • Natalie Keane: Hmmm... Today's snack is... Well now, What a delicous-lookin' strawberry cake.
  • (Natalie Keane eats strawberry cake)
  • Natalie Keane: This cream is the best. I gotta tell my younger sister, Sandra Keane, about this deliciousness.
  • Sandra Keane: My favorite, Musterd
  • (Sandra Keane Gobbles the Mustard)
  • Sandra Keane: Oh, It's from my goody two shoes older sister, Natalie. Are you doing well?
  • Natalie Keane: I'm doin' well, Sandra. Look. Isn't this strawberry cake delicious-looking? It's my snack.
  • Sandra Keane: What you talking about, Natalie? Sandra's mustard is much more healthy like my soda!
  • Natalie Keane: It doesn't look good at all.
  • Sandra Keane: What?!
  • Natalie Keane: See. You always become mad so quickly. That's your bad habit, Sandra. If you don't fix that soon, Mom and Dad in heaven will be saddened.
  • Sandra Keane: Natalie, I do not wish to hear that from you. You're already making Mom and Dad in heaven sad anyway.
  • Natalie Keane: What?
  • Sandra Keane: Sandra Knows. Natalie! I know you don't brush your teeth before sleeping!
  • Natalie Keane: Well Sandra's feet smell!
  • Sandra Keane: Shut up. you stink like a corpse!
  • Natalie Keane: Shut up, athlete's foot woman!
  • Sandra Keane: Neanderthal!
  • Natalie Keane: Primitive!
  • Natalie Keane: What?!
  • Sandra Keane: What'd you say?!

  • Natalie Keane: I won't acknowledge you as my younger sister anymore! My strawberry cake! Go ahead.
  • Natalie Keane: You are no big sister! I'm cutting off relations! You fool!

  • Natalie Keane: Ah, Sandra, which snack do you think is better? Strawberry cake or tapioca?
  • Sandra Keane: Don't ask dat, fool!
  • Natalie Keane: Why you callin' me a fool?!

  • Natalie Keane: Sandra.
  • Sandra Keane: Natalie.
  • Natalie Keane: Let's never fight between us sisters again.
  • Sandra Keane: Never again will we sisters fight.

  • Natalie Keane & Sandra Keane: Let's see.
  • Natalie Keane: It's a bit too sweet.
  • Sandra Keane: It's too sour.
  • Natalie Keane: Sour?!
  • Sandra Keane: Too sweet?!
  • Natalie Keane: What's wrong with your tongue?!
  • Sandra Keane: Natalie! What's with your attitude?!
  • Natalie Keane: It's your bad breath that's too sour!
  • Sandra Keane: Natalie's way of talking is too sweet!
  • Natalie Keane: What?!

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