Snobtron 5000, alias Baron Larcenic Von Snobtron the 5th (Voiced by David Warner and Tom Kane, respectively), is a gold robot from the robot planet, Averish, where he was built. He currently rules that planet.

Being a robot, Snobtron 5000 has many powers and abilities. These include spitting coins, jet flight, money magnet claws, and a laser that can make people as greedy as him. Also, each time money is inserted into his body, he becomes more powerful, because to him, money is literally power. He also leads an army of greedy robots.

Snobtron 5000 is a greedy robot. He wears a green sleeveless vest with a silver dollar sign in the center. He also wears a brown belt with a coin shaped buckle, a silver cape, and light green sunglasses. There are four horizontal holes where his mouth would be, and he has long green hair made of paper money. Snobtron 5000 is in conflict with the Powerpuff Girls, because they stopped him from invading Earth and stealing all its money. Because of the damage they inflicted on him, he had to retreat to Averish and refuel. He talks in a Latvian accent when he speaks, because he looks like Dr. Doom. His voice effect is a metallic echo.

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