Team minus is the alternate reality versions of team powerplus unlike their counterparts they are malicious foes and are to be met with extreme caution.


In a distant future team minus was created by a kind and caring scientist..professor gear they were made from salt vinegar blood and spikes with this gear was killed in the explosion when he added an unstable chemical minus the 4 children would ravage all of the city causing chaos where ever they go after a few months of tyrannical rule him's alternate counterpart persuaded them rofl go to earth where they eventually defeated every hero they could find (team powerplus were all on an away mission) minus allied with him (through means of unknown) 


The roster is a clear opposite to them

  • Barbara: Or "barbaric" as she calls herself the ultimate bossy leader she underestimates her enemies and causes chaos a lot less:Preferring to wait like a final boss,her element is spikes and her color is Brown.
  • Bridget: Bridget is considerably the second worst as she loves to watch her enemies cry teases her enemies and makes fun of them,her color is purple and her element is vinegar
  • Bianca: Bianca is an incredible brute as she never holds back this unstoppable weapon leaves Barbara impressed her color is dark red her element is blood
  • Blast: Blast is the younger brother and villainous counterpart to blake, He is also the 
  • Brad: Brad is rhe

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