The Bunnypuff Girls are three sisters of the Powerpuff Girls. They were made by Professer Utonium, and named for their dead sister, Bunny.


Flowers, Fruit, and Everything Cute. These were the ingredients chosen to create some more perfect little supergirls. Then, he perposly added an extra ingredient, Chemical X. Thus the Bunnypuff Girls were born! Useing their ultra super powers, Birch, Beautiful, and Button have dedicated their life to helping the Powerpuffs fight crime!


Birch: She is a real nature lover. She is also the leader of the Bunnypuffs. Her signature color is brown. Her element is Everything Cute

Beautiful: She is realy in to boys. She has a huge crush on her Rowdyruff counter part. Unfortionatly for her, that is not mutual. Her color is yellow. Her element is Fairy Dust.Edit

Button: She is very carless. She is a real dardevil, who often gets hurt. her color is maroon. Her element is Fruit.

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