A group of girls created by Professor Margaret Johan. They live in Crackenton, USA. They have their own show which is pure fanon.


The girls were created by Miss Johan for two reasons: a) she wanted children without being married, and b) a friend said she couldn't, and she wanted to prove that friend wrong. They were created using peppermint, sugar, and mint leaves, with Chemical B, which is the same as Chemical X, but red.



Minty is the leader. She is smart and sweet. Brick seems to like her, but she is unaware of his very existence. Her color is mint green.

Cocoa  Edit

She is the sweet one. Cocoa is a bit like Bubbles, but smarter. She has a stuffed panda named Oreo. She reads lots of fairy tales, which can lead to her sisters being annoyed. Her color is cocoa bean brown.


Gumball is the tough one. She has Buttercup's personality, but not a lot, more of a soft side. Her color is violet.


  • Each girl has her favorite style of music: Minty has pop, Cocoa has soft jazz, and Gumball has hard rock.

Group MovesEdit

Whip Cycle: Minty grabs Cocoa's head. Gumball grabs her feet. Cocoa arches her body, resembling a scared cat. Minty and Gumball spin Cocoa around and after ten spins, they launch her towards an enemy.


The girls were created for the two reasons mentioned above. Since then, they are also Crackenton's heroes. However, if the PPG are away, the Candypuff Girls must split up to save two cities.

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