Lyrics Edit

The PPG's:

We are the Powerpuff Girls!

We fly in twirls and twirls and twirls!

So just sit back and relax.

Or we'll give your butt a crack.

We're Powerpuff Girls!

Blossom and Buttercup:

There's Buttercup and Blossom...


And their cute sister, Bubbles!

The PPG's:

Just for fun we defend

Townsville and the whole wide world.

Our powers are so special

They're like an ice cream swirl.

The deeds, they're brave

And shout "hooray!"

And now bedtime unfurls.

We're Powerpuff Girls!

We are like Townsville's cowgirls,

Our eyes so shiny, very pearl

Let's fight this very giant turtle.

We're Powerpuff Girls!

Meet Mojo Jojo and there's HIM,

Hello to Fuzzy Lumpkins.

This eye monster can see all

It'll laugh at baddest trims.

Sedusa is so snakey,

Her nature's very grim.

The villains beat,

We get a treat!

Let's go see Tiny Tim!

The PPG's:

We're Powerpuff Girls!

Let's give the plot a brand new whirl!

We fly in twirls and twirls!

She likes talking to squirrels!

We're Powerpuff-y

Superpowered toughies!

It's a cute puppy

Po-wer-pu-uff Girls!!!!

Let's save the world!