The Pawapafu Girls (パワーパフガールズ) is a Japanese fan-made series.

Ingredients Edit

  • Mochi (rice)
  • Soy Sauce
  • Everything Sweet

Characters Edit

Ami (アミ) Edit

Ami is Blossom's counterpart. She is very ditzy unlike her American counterpart and is obsessed with books, boys and sweets. Despite her ditzy nature, she can be quite clever and can come up with plans when the time comes. Her weapon is

Yumi (由美) Edit

Yumi is Bubble's counterpart. She is known for being the attractive one of the school whom is always receiving love-notes from boys. She is more mature and calm than the other girls, but like her American counterpart, can have a short-temper. She is very innocent, kind, gentle, and has a deep love for puppies. Her weapon is a pack of cards which she can you to cut and do magic tricks.

Ruri (ルリ) Edit

Ruri is Buttercup's counterpart. Ruri is good at wrestling and good at martial arts. Her her signature move "Karate-Chop Of Doom". She loves sports and is very athletic at school. Her weapon is a samurai sword.

Differences From Original Version Edit

  • The girls are teenagers and they go to high school.
  • The girls can transforms into their kimonos by Ume's tweet.
  • The anime features new characters such as the professor's pet bird, Ume (means 'plum') and Ms. Keane has a niece named Momoko Minamida, the main villain in the series.
  • The professor is a female in this series. Her name is Professor Ichikawa.
  • The girls wears kimonos and has different appearances and have weapons for use.
  • Ms. Keane does not know that the girls are the Pawapafu Girls.
  • Ms. Keane is a 40-year-old teacher who was married and has kids.
  • The Mayor is the school's principal named Mr. Yoshida.
  • The series is taken place in Tokyo, Japan.

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