The Powerbrat Girls are the counterparts of the powerpuff girls, that they were accidently created by professor utonium as he tripped and fell on the floor and drop some ingredients into the pot included milk, ice cubes, and everything not nice, then a bottle broke and it poured into the pot and it began to burst which is the secret ingredient to the concaution, chemical X! then the whole lab was exploded and black smoke fillowed everywhere. As the black smoke cleared away there were three evil laughs all over the place, There are three cruel and evil little girls named Brawl, Barra, & Bryn.


Brawl - the leader of the powerbrat girls, she is the counterpart of blossom.

Barra - the dangerous girl in the world, she is the counterpart of bubbles.

Bryn - the most greatest powerbrat girl, she is the counterpart of buttercup.


The Powerbrat Girls 

Alien Brain Attack!

The Return Of The Powerbrat Girls

Rowdyruffs VS Powerbrats

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