The Powerpuff Girls' Very Silly Sing-Along! is the first Powerpuff Girls SIng-Along tape released in 2004 and it's based off of a VeggieTales Sing-Along video A Very Silly Sing-Along!


The episode starts immediately on the kitchen countertop, skipping the theme song, with DeeDee in workout clothes and is scattered exercise equipment around her. She welcomes us to the very first Powerpuff Girls workout video. She starts out by doing exercises and hops onto the trampoline and jumps up and down. Unfortunately for DeeDee, the trampoline is under a cupboard and has she gets higher and higher, she hits her head repeatedly and calls Dexter for help. Dexter hops out and tells us that DeeDee is confused and says this is the very first Powerpuff Girls sing-along tape. He tells us that each video will have words on the bottom of the screen and to sing along with them. To demonstrate, Dexter has the Powerpuff Girls jump on Computer's keyboard. But after Dexter is done singing, the Girls still think Dexter is still demonstrating and they don't stop, DeeDee is still crying for help and things get out of hand while the sing-along begins.

After a few songs, DeeDee comes back and welcomes us to the very first Powerpuff Girls home improvement video. She walks on over to the sink and is going to replace an old leaky fixture on the sink with an new one which will last for years to come. But before DeeDee begins, she says that if any plumbing job were to be performed, that the water supply be shut off, she had Robot Jones turn it off. But as DeeDee turns the wrench, Robot says he thought he meant to turn off a different water fixture. Water spews out with DeeDee in the air and Robot walks out and says he thought he was doing bathrooms and decks. DeeDee cries out for Dexter.

After another set of songs, DeeDee welcomes us to the very first Powerpuff Girls success video. Dexter walks out and tells DeeDee that the video is a sing-along. DeeDee now realizing what is happening but doesn't realize that the video is coming to an end, asks Dexter what song they should do first. Dexter walks off stage with DeeDee following him saying that she bought a whole chocolate factory with no money down.

The next song is The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. DeeDee, LeeLee, and MeeMee are the pirates and sing the song. While MeeMee and LeeLee are singing about not doing pirate things, DeeDee sings nonsense stuff she never did. The two interrupt her and MeeMee asks about LeeLee what she thinks about the nonsense. LeeLee says that MeeMee looks like Capt'n Crunch. MeeMee gets infuriated and chases LeeLee to the plank. DeeDee continues to sing about more nonsense and the song ends with the trio just sitting down and watching television and eating chips.

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