The Powerpuff Girls Plus One is a series. The theme song is an edited version of The Slumber Party Girls Theme.

Character AgesEdit

Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup: 5

Honey: 16

Professor Utonium: 36

RRB: 5

Hex: 16

There are others, but I don't use their ages.


Candy, Male DNA, and Everything Teenage Make What?Edit

Professor Utonium, trying to make another sister for the girls, accidentally creates Honey Utonium.

You Guys Again?!Edit

The Rowdyruff Boys come back, but they have a new member...

Blossom Who?Edit

When Boomer deals Blossom an awful blow to the head, it leaves her with amnesia - and she can only speak Spanish! Can the Rowdyruff Boys and remaining three Powerpuff Girls restore her memories and English?

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