The Powerpuff Girls Plus One theme song. It's mostly sung by Rihanna. It's to the beat of the original song.

Background Singer: Powerpu-uf! Powerpu-uf!

Rihanna: Here we come! Movies, TV, radio.

Made yourself a video. That's why we're called the Powerpu-uf  Girls!

And we don't mess around, the Powerpu-uf Girls!

We always save the day, we gonna bring the great days, we gonna bring the peace! We gonna add the flavor, bringing full justice! We're the Powerpu-uf Girls, we gonna have some fun! The Powerpu-uf Girls, something for everyone!

We gonna hang together, we so glad you came! It

It gonna last forever! Don't forget our name! We the Powerpu-uf Girls!


On the job, Mojo Jojo, Fuz-zy! Princess and Hi-im! Professor and RRB! Let us tell you who we are!

Blossom: Blossom!

Bubbles: Bubbles!

Buttercup: Buttercup!

Honey: Honey!


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