The Queen Bee is a recurring villian on three Powrepuff Girls.

The Queen Bee

Real name

Ashley Nelson





Eye Color

Moderate Blue

Debut Appearence

Queen Bee

voiced by

Grey DeLislie

The Queen Bee

Appearence Edit

The Queen Bee has blonde hair and moderate blue eyes. THe Queen Bee wears a yellow and black dress and a topez encrusted gold crown.


The Queen Bee is extremely spoiled and catty. The day She was born, she was diagnosed with Queen Bee syndrome, the reason why she is catty.


The day she was born, The Queen Bee fell into a tank of honey that was contaminated with Chemical X, nand it gave her supweopwers

  • Flight
  • X-Ray vision
  • laser vision
  • Super shrink, the ability to temporarily decrease in size
  • Stinger punch-Her signature power. When she punches an object or person, a great ordeal of lightning emits, putting the victim in a world of hurt, and incredible sting

This power is greatly diminished when shrunken

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