The Salsapuff Girls


Professor Utonium


Cuban, Suzie Q(Suzie), Jalapeño


Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup


The Rowdyruff Boys


It seems to be Spanish.


Townsville, USA


Spanish at home sometimes, primarily English

Early LifeEdit

The Salsapuff Girls were created by Professor Utonium as sisters for the girls - and another attempt at creating the perfect little girls. He put salsa, peppers, and everything Spanish in the bowl, and BAM! Out came Cuban, Suzie Q, and Jalapeño.



Cuban is the leader of the group. She speaks with a Spanish accent, as do her sisters. She is the smart one. Cuban can get a little annoying sometimes, though.

Suzie QEdit

Suzie Q - often called Suzie - is the Bubbles of the group, but a little smarter. She has a stuffed lion named Leo. She is very similar to Bubbles.


She is, true to her name, the spice of the Salsapuff Girls. She wants to teach all the villains a good lesson through violence.

Abilities as a GroupEdit

Spin Cycle: The girls join hands around an enemy. They begin spinning rapidly. After about 60 circles, they wrap their legs around the enemy, causing them to spin, dizzying them.

IMG 20160225 172616

A group drawing

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