The Starlight Girls


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Shadow, Moona, Howlster


Shadow, Moona, Howlster


The Midnight Boys, Star, Luna-tic




Townsville, USA



The Three Girls

The Starlight Girls are 3 super hero sisters. In their group is Shadow, the leader and the oldest being 10, Moona, the shy girl and the youngest being 8, and Howlster, the toughest and middle aged being 9. They do have their own super powers. Shadow's is Starbeam (laser eyes). Moona's is Moonlight (throwing a light blue glowing ball). Howlster's is Bite (biting her enemy really hard). Their ingredients are A wolf's tear, A moon crater, and A star.


Shadow is the leader of the group. Her ingredient is a star. Her singnature color is red. She can use Starbeam for usefull things. She can use it in battles and for

cooking. She has the longest hair of all her sisters. Her bangs are always covering her left eye. She is 10 years old making her the oldest.


Moona is the shyiest of all her sisters. Her ingredient is a moon crater. Her singnature color is purple. She uses Moonlight only in battle. She never uses it at

home. She has medium hair. Her hair is very straight. She is 8 years old making her the youngest.


Howlster is the toughest of the girls. Her ingredient is a wolf's tear. Her singnature color is dark gray. She uses Bite in battle and when she gets mad. She has

the shortest hair of the sisters. It is very spiky. She is 9 years old making her the middle child.


  • The Midnight Boys
  • Luna-tic
  • Star


They go to a school called Hooters Elementry (which mascot is an owl). They go to the same class. Shadow is a popular girl in the school while Howlster is considered the school bully. Although, Howlster has a sweet side. She is not that mean. Only is someone hurts her sisters than she will fight. She has gotten a lot of F- on her tests. Shadow loves to have alot of friends in her school. She makes sure that Howlster doesn't get too crazy. Moona is not that popular in school. She has her sisters as friends though. She can be toughif anyone messes with her or her sisters.


  • It is unknown why Shadow has her bangs covering her eye.
  • Unlike the Powerpuff girls, The Starlight Girls did not need a special chemical of some sort to be made.

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