The Rowdyruff boys are a group of villains and the opposites of the powerpuff girls, They are generally anti-heroic mean and psychopathic.


All 5 of the boys have different personalities that are in contrast, Due to the inclusion of Brent, Brick isn't just the smart one anymore.

  • Boomer: Boomer is the innocent younger brother and is almost always clumsy or distracted, He is constantly picked on by his siblings his color is blue
  • Butch: Butch is an occasionally bloodlusted older brother who likes fighting, He is wild and always excited by fighting the girls his color is dark green.
  • Brick: Brick is the leader and the bossy one who is in arguments with brent, His smart young brother his color is dark red.
  • Bark: Bark is the gross brother who is a prankster, He is hurtful, cruel, And is captivated by only tv..due to this he's also picked on his color is yellow.
  • Brent: The smartest of them all, Brent and brick go at it with their own bro-lympics used to show WHO is the leader and takes control of the boys..he's also misogynistic his color is purple.


The boys terrorized Townsville faster then any other villain. IN just one bad day it was all gone..turned into a heap of pure destruction. This was only an alternate future ruled by the producer a mad man who wanted to destroy all cartoons.

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