Vena McPlanty (Voiced by Grey DeLisle) is a female botany-based super villain from Dublin, Ireland. She is an anthropomorphic dandelion who commits plant-related crimes. Coming from Ireland, she speaks in a stereotypical Irish accent.

Vena McPlanty started out as an ordinary dandelion. She was imported from Ireland to Townsville, USA. One day, she was given sentience by a freak accident, involving Chemical X. The reason she is evil is because she was owned by criminals. Using her powers, she made quick work of the criminals and began her own criminal career. Then, the Powerpuff Girls showed up and put her in jail. She escaped, however.

Being a super-powered dandelion, McPlanty has many super powers. These include unlimited petal projectiles, limb regeneration, extruding spines, quick plant-growing, and complete control over plants. Her hobbies include plant growing, bagpipe playing, and bathing in the sun and water.

Vena McPlanty wears a green sleeveless dress and green boots. She has leaves for hands. Her face is yellow and her orange petals serve as hair.

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