Vorpaxia is the older sister of Him and King Skelehorse, and one of the four rulers of Heck. She is a very powerful witch, and one of the most evil beings in existence, thus proclaiming herself the Queen of Darkness. Like her brother, Him, she is tall, slender, and good looking. She debuted in the episode Like Brother, Like Sister.

Vorpaxia has long purple hair, green skin, purple eyeliner, black lipstick, and purple monochromatic eyes. She also has a more powerful dragon form. In this form, she has green and purple skin, four black horns, demonic wings, a long tail, and sharp teeth and claws. The one physical trait she retains in both forms, is her purple monochromatic eyes. In her main form, her clothes are very similar to Him's, except her top is black and her puffy skirt, boots, and gloves are all purple.

Being a powerful, free-roaming sorceress from Heck, Vorpaxia has many magical powers and spells. These include purple fire powers, flight, shape shifting, immunity to hazards, voice changing, and other dark magic. She is capable of causing mass destruction and chaos in both her humanoid form, and her dragon form. She is 917 years old and speaks in an elegant British accent. She also rhymes, on occasion. Her voice effects are usually flange, harmonizer, or both.

Like her younger brothers, Vorpaxia possesses a deep hatred of anything even remotely good and decent, especially the Powerpuff Girls. She especially hates Bunny, because she uses light magic. Despite not being a demon, she is far more evil than her brother, Him, if that's even possible. She isn't too fond of her minions, either. Her minions include the Dooks of Doom, the Fluffy Bunch, the Rowdyruff Boys, and various other demons. She thinks of them as laughingstocks to the forces of darkness, with the exception of the Rowdyruff Boys. Vorpaxia almost always shows Him up, which makes Him jealous of her. While Him usually gets close to having his plans succeed, Vorpaxia usually gets even closer. She specializes in manipulation. Despite this, she is always foiled by the Powerpuff Girls. She is voiced by Susanne Blakeslee.