Planet Xeldos is a planet inhabited by technologically advanced, humanoid aliens called Xeldosians. There are three subspecies; Blue, Pink, and Violet. Besides color, there's no real differences between them. If exposed to certain crystals or diamonds, they can gain super powers, and transform in Reptilians. This planet has two factions; the Xeldosian Empire and the Xeldosian Rebellion.

The Xeldosian Empire is an absolutely powerful empire that has lasted for a millennium. For thousands of years, many evil rulers have used their super powers, space ship fleets, loyal soldiers, and robots to conquer many planets in many galaxies. They are among the finest soldiers in the entire universe. The empire is currently ruled by Emperor Zagon, Queen Zarria, and Prince Zanon.

The Xeldosian Rebellion is the more recent of the two. They are an increasingly large band of rebels who stand against the Empire's despotic rule. It is lead by Zagon's teenage nephew; the brave, righteous, and handsome Captain Kelvon.

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