The evil Xeldosian Empire is the most powerful evil empire in the universe, and the most technologically advanced. For thousands of years, countless galaxies have fallen under the Xeldosian Empire's heel. It is compromised of the finest soldiers and fleets in the universe. For countless millennia, the Xeldosian royals have relied on their own destructive, god-like powers to destroy planets they deemed unfit to rule. They have also used them to force their enemies to surrender, or handle more powerful opponents that prove to be too much for the soldiers and fleets. The Xeldosian Empire has two bases. The first lies on the home planet of Xeldos. The second is a moon-sized space station, which can also function as a space ship.

Core Members & Allies Edit

  • Queen Zarria (the true ruler)
  • Emperor Zagon
  • Prince Zanon (heir to the throne)
  • Lord Blissless
  • The Rowdyruff Boys (temporarily)
  • Black-Out (until she was destroyed)

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