Yukio Preflames Himura or call by his nickname Yosufire a member of DAP he not is smartest but is friendly and postive, always cheer others in sad moments. he spend more time helped RowdyRuff Boys.


Yosufire have a messy blue long-hair that tied a small ponytail. he wear a blue sweater,grayish blue pants, blue boots and a blue beret to cover his broken horn. Yosufire wears a golden cross necklace. He has one teal demon horn, a heart-shaped tail, white angel wings and blue eyes with white eyepatch.


Yosufire's mother is angel but act as a human and lives in ctiy, she meeted a demon


Yosufire is a very upbeat and cheerful boy. he cares for his friends, but hot-headed. He is very irresponsible in school, normally sleeping in class or otherwise not paying attention and generally forget his homework. He is quick to stand up for what he believe for, he has shown romantic feelings to Brick, when Reif ask him to be his boyfriend, but his response was negative, stating that he was going to be Brick's boyfriend.


with his Famliy

Ms.Lucy Preflames Himura

his mom - they have a good reationship, despite his school stats are low. they always care for other, he respect her a lot of times. she work as housewife, like her son. she is happy and cheerful to everyone, but she have a deep disliked of her son's ex girlfriend Raca Hijohshiki.

Mr.Akitiko Preflames Himura

his dad - despite that they have a good reationship, Akitiko stay upset about his son's school stats. but they care for other. he work as teacher that replace Ms.Keane, he is kinder and very patient than Ms.Keane. Yosufire is angry because females who want his father's attention, like his wife. he have a deep disliked of his son's ex girlfriend.


his best friend - Yosufire has showed feelings to Brick, as talked to him. example: "but i prefer spend the time with daring best friend." caused Brick blush and call Yosufire of smooth-talker. however both they care with other


his personality are similar to Yosafire of Gray Garden.

his cousin said that the reason of nickname is because *both he and Yosafire have same things in their bios."


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