Lord Zagon, emperor of planet Xeldos and most of the known galaxies, is a ruthless and manipulative master of evil, surpassing even Him. Also he's Hookocho's older brother. He made his debut in the beginning of season 7, and appeared in many other episodes since. He is an anime-styled villain. He is drawn Dragon Ball Z style. He is an average-muscled humanoid light blue-skinned alien who wears spiked golden armor, black briefs, gem-encrusted gauntlets, gold boots, a red cape, and a blue scouter. Also, he has long dark-blue hair, yellow eyes, and is very handsome. Although he is 79 years old, he appears to be in his twenties. Like all Xeldosian males, he has no facial hair. He can transform into a monstrous reptilian form at will, harmonizing his voice. Also, when transforming into his reptilian form, he grows a long tail. His eyes glow whenever he shoots lasers or transforms. When damaged, he has blue scratch marks on his body, indicating that he literally (as well as metaphorically) has blue blood. He lives in the imperial space station in far away galaxy. He is sometimes nicknamed Overlord of all that is Evil.

Out of all the villains the Powerpuff Girls have ever faced, Zagon is one of the smartest, evilest, most powerful, and most feared. His powers and abilities include powerful blue laser eye beams, flight, telekinesis, super strength and speed, martial arts, surviving anywhere, and destroying planets by summoning energy spheres from his fingers. His powers are almost god-like. He could sadistically lay waste to an entire city without regret or remorse. He is almost always optimistic, even when defeated. He never punishes his son for failing to destroy the Powerpuff Girls. Zagon rules Xeldos in a very orderly manner, but prefers to rule every other planet chaotically. His ultimate goal in life is rule or destroy the entire universe with his wife and son. Also, he speaks with a high class English accent.

His achievements are not to be taken lightly. He outwitted Mojo Jojo, destroyed Him, created multiple machines and devices in mere seconds, escaped Heck with his wife's help, convinced Blossom to become his apprentice (at least temporarily), and at one point, even destroyed the Powerpuff Girls (though they were revived later by Butterfly). He even manages to break the fourth wall from time to time. He almost never loses his composure, even when under pressure. In an alternate future, the Powerpuff Girls were shocked and horrified to find that Zagon, with his wife and son, had conquered all of Earth and enslaved all the humans. Fortunately, the Powerpuff Girls always somehow manage to beat Zagon and his evil family in the end. Zagon is voiced by Jason Marsden.

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