Queen Zarria is Zagon's evil, dutiful wife. Along with her husband and son, Zarria rules planet Xeldos with two golden, gem encrusted gauntlets. It could be said that she is the true ruler of Xeldos. She made her first appearance between the beginning and middle of season 7.

Zarria looks very similar to her husband, Zagon, except she has pink skin, dark violet-red hair, red eyes, a red scouter, and a blue cape. The cape is blue because she ruthlessly slaughtered an innocent race of sentient crustaceans without regret or remorse. Zagon just dyed his cape red. Zarria is the exact same height as her husband, though she isn't as big. Despite this, however, she is much more powerful than Zagon, even when he's transformed. Although Zarria is 82 years old, she seems to be in her twenties. Zarria's powers, personality, and methods are similar to Zagon's, except her lasers are pink. Given that Zagon destroyed Him, he wouldn't even stand a chance against Zarria, and that's saying something. Like her husband, she has a high class English accent.

Zarria is more cruel, sadistic, and evil than her husband. Although she married him for power, she does truly love Zagon. Like her husband, she never punishes her son for his failure to destroy the Powerpuff Girls. In battle, she is a force to be reckoned with. Sometimes, she toys with the Powerpuff Girls, asking them which one wants to be destroyed first. She loves setting cities on fire. When she laughs evilly, her husband and son often join in. At one point, Zarria destroyed the Rowdyruff Boys right in front of the Powerpuff Girls because she knew how much they loved each other (though Butterfly and Bunny revived them, later). This made them so angry that they landed a barrage of punches and projectile attacks on her, in a fit of rage, until she was destroyed and sent to Heck. However, she manages to escape, later on, vowing vengeance. Zarria is voiced by the voice actress, Hynden Walch.

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